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How much are hearing aids?

How much are hearing aids?, Audiologist.co.uk

The cost of a hearing aid depends upon a number of factors, such as where you buy it from and your lifestyle.

Hearing aid costs can start at approximately £400 and peak at £4,000 for small modern invisible hearing aids, and with hearing aids in the UK costing an average of £3,000, it’s wise to do your research before parting with your money.

To help make the decision a little easier, we’ve listed the various costs of a hearing aid in the UK.

Types of Hearing Aids

1. The personal range

These provide simple solutions to those who live a quieter lifestyle in a moderate environment. They’re perfect for those who need assistance with one-on-one conversations or talking on the phone and watching television.

2. The home range

As well as one-to-one use, this hearing aid is specially optimised for small group conversations and coffee mornings, mixing with family and friends, or visiting the theatre. It’s perfect for those who live an independent life.

3. The independent range

These hearing aids are perfect for those who enjoy an active and independent lifestyle. They are specially optimised for areas with more noise and social interaction, such as outdoor activities, and shopping.

4. The social range

These are great for those who find themselves in regular social circles and activities such as business meetings, small and large social gatherings, indoor and outdoor activities etc. They are also useful for those who require wireless connectivity to a smartphone or tablet.

5. The active range

Perfect for those who enjoy “noisy” environments, such as concerts, cocktail parties, large crowds, etc, and great for wireless connectivity and controls to smartphones and tablets.

Things to be aware of when buying hearing aids

  1. Shop around and ask people for advice – don’t feel obligated to buy just because the price seems cheap
  2. Always receive a full hearing test before you buy any type of hearing aid, otherwise they won’t be tailored to your hearing loss and needs and could risk further damage to your hearing capabilities.
  3. You shouldn’t need to replace your hearing aid after only one year, so be wary of anyone telling you that you need to. There is generally a three to five-year life expectancy on all hearing aids.

How much do hearing aids cost?

This is down to you. Book a free consultation with one of our Audiologists, they will be able to advise you on the best type for your personal situation.

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