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Getting Used to Hearing Aids

Getting Used to Hearing Aids, Audiologist.co.uk

Relief is what many people experience when they are first fitted with a hearing aid. Hearing loss is a gradual process; it takes time for many to find out that their hearing is not quite right. In the meantime those with hearing loss suffer a range of problems at work, at home, and in their social life. If you have been fitted for a hearing aid, you can let out a huge sigh of relief; you’re well on the way to regaining your quality of life.

There is a small period of adjustment required before you can get the best out of your hearing aid. A little bit like getting used to wearing contact lenses or glasses, it will take some time to get used to the feeling of the hearing aid. After a while you will not notice it at all; in fact you may feel awkward without your hearing aid in place.

The first time you wear your hearing aid, you may wish to spend a few hours at home. This is usually a quieter place with more familiar sounds that will be easier to get used to. Have conversations with family and listen to the TV and radio. When you feel comfortable, venture outside.

When you first wear a hearing aid, you may find yourself shocked by the loudness of the world. Many think their hearing aid is faulty. This is common because most people wait too long to get help with their hearing. As hearing deteriorates gradually, they do not notice that they no longer hear background noise like traffic. The hearing aid makes this possible again, and the loudness of sounds which haven’t been heard in quite a while can be a surprise.

For some people, the exact fitting of a hearing aid can take a few attempts. While sounds will sound strange at first, you should make an effort to adjust. After some time has passed, if some things still sound too close or too far away, then ask for a refitting of your hearing aid, and check your hearing aid batteries. Hearing aid prices often cover the cost of refitting. Make sure you check your hearing aid batteries regularly, as sometimes a low battery can affect sound quality.

Some sounds will seem different with a hearing aid. The mechanisms of the hearing aid will not exactly replicate the function of the parts of the ear. Some sounds, in particular voices, will not be quite the same as they were before. Again, this is something that you will adjust to over time.

The more time you spend with your hearing aid in, the quicker you will get used to it. This means resisting the urge to remove it when it irritates you. The more time you spend wearing your hearing aid, the quicker it will become a part of your everyday life.

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