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Hearing Aids Cost

Hearing Aids Cost, Audiologist.co.uk

One of the main reasons that people may choose not to visit an audiologist is that they may be afraid of the cost of hearing aids if their audiologist finds that they would benefit from one. It’s true that for many years hearing aids could be prohibitively expensive but thankfully over recent years and thanks to new technology, hearing aid prices have never been more affordable.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

There are many different types of hearing aid, from invisible aids and in-ear aids to hearing aids that are worn behind the ear and ones that enable users to have them implanted for a period of weeks or even months. As well as the differing types of hearing aid, there are a huge range of manufacturers too which means that it is impossible to give a general figure as to the price of hearing aids. The cost of hearing aids depends on personal factors, and these are always better discussed with a professional audiologist.

What can be said though is that generally, hearing aids tend to start at around £500 and range up to four figures.

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Hearing Aid Price

Type of Hearing Aid

The type of hearing aid that is best for you will affect the price that you will pay. For example, invisible hearing aids may often be more expensive than those worn behind the ear. If you have particular needs that require you to have a specialist hearing aid then you’ll generally have to pay more than an ‘off-the-shelf’ model.


There are a wide range of manufacturers of hearing aids. You’ll see names such as Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Sivantos, Starkey and Widex as well as a growing number of other manufacturers that offer a range of aids. Like any form of manufacturing and branding, you’ll find that some manufacturers tend to be more expensive than others. This could be all down to branding or it could be to do with where their aids are manufactured.

Do You Need One Or Two Hearing Aids?

Depending upon your hearing loss, you may need a hearing aid for one ear or you may need one for both. Of course, if you need two then you will be paying significantly more than if you had needed only one.

Lifetime Costs

The upfront price of a hearing aid isn’t the only factor to consider, perhaps just as important is its lifetime cost. How long your hearing aid will last is a vital factor in this. How long your hearing aid will last depends on a number of factors including the style of hearing aid that you use and how well you take care of it (cleaning it regularly and getting it checked). Sometimes, the hearing aids with a more expensive upfront cost can have lower lifetime costs than some hearing aids that have a cheap upfront price.

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