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Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid Accessories, Audiologist.co.uk

Here are some common types of hearing aid accessories:

1. Remote Controls

Remote controls allow users to adjust the volume, change program settings, and control other features of their hearing aids discreetly. They offer convenience and ease of use, especially for individuals with dexterity issues or those who prefer a dedicated control device.

2. Bluetooth Streaming Devices

Bluetooth streaming devices enable wireless connectivity between hearing aids and various audio sources, such as smartphones, televisions, and music players. These devices transmit audio signals directly to the hearing aids, enhancing sound quality and enabling hands-free communication and media streaming.

3. TV Streamers

TV streamers connect televisions or other audiovisual devices to hearing aids, enabling direct audio streaming without background noise interference. Users can enjoy clear, synchronised sound from their favourite shows, movies, or music without disturbing others.

4. Remote Microphones

Remote microphones help improve speech understanding in challenging listening situations, such as in noisy environments or when the speaker is at a distance. These small devices are placed near the speaker, and their microphone picks up the sound, transmitting it wirelessly to a hearing aid, enhancing speech clarity.

5. Phone Clip/Streamers

Phone clip or streamer accessories enable hands-free phone calls for hearing aid users. These devices connect wirelessly to smartphones, allowing users to stream phone calls directly to their hearing aids and control call volume and settings easily.

6. Rechargeable Kits

Rechargeable kits provide an alternative to disposable batteries for hearing aids. These kits typically include rechargeable batteries and a charging station. Users can simply place their hearing aids in the charging station overnight to ensure they are powered up for the next day.

7. Drying and Cleaning Kits

Drying and cleaning kits help maintain the performance and longevity of hearing aids by removing moisture, earwax, and debris. These kits often include tools like drying containers, brushes, wax removal picks, and cleaning wipes, ensuring proper hygiene and functionality.

8. Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are designed to remove moisture from hearing aids, which can accumulate due to factors like humidity or sweat. Placing the hearing aids in a dehumidifier overnight can help prevent damage caused by moisture and improve overall device performance.

9. Bespoke Earmolds and Earpieces

Bespoke earmolds and earpieces provide a personalised fit and improved comfort for hearing aid users. These accessories are individually crafted based on ear impressions for wearing comfort.

10. Wax Guards and Filters

Wax guards and filters help protect the internal components of hearing aids from earwax and debris buildup. These small, replaceable filters prevent blockages.

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