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How do I know if I have noise induced hearing loss?

How do I know if I have noise induced hearing loss?, Audiologist.co.uk

In our daily lives, we deal with noise all the time. In fact, particularly in urban environments, we are confronted by noise constantly, whether it is television, radio, traffic, domestic appliances, or just the sounds of a bustling city street.

Usually, this noise is at a safe level and does us no harm, but on occasions, environmental noise can actually damage the sensitive mechanisms of the human ear and lead to loss of hearing.

How do I know if I have noise induced hearing loss?, Audiologist.co.uk

Some key warning signs that could indicate you are suffering from NIHL are an inability to hear someone talking from a distance of three feet away; a sensation that your ears are ‘full’ shortly after being exposed to noise; or difficulty following and understanding speech despite being able to hear the other person’s voice.

Another common symptom of NIHL is tinnitus, a phenomenon in which you hear consistent ringing or buzzing in the ears. This can occur in one or both ears and may recur periodically over a period of months or years.

While it is possible to develop NIHL as a result of many different kinds of noise environments, there are certain activities that are likely to put you at greater risk. Shooting, hunting, listening to loud music through headphones, attending loud concerts or using high-noise domestic equipment such as power tools or lawnmowers can all contribute to NIHL.

That’s why, if you have any of the symptoms listed above, you should consider seeking medical help. You may not be aware of the extent of your hearing loss, particularly at high frequencies, but a hearing test will be able to pick this up.

Identifying NIHL early is vital in helping to prevent further damage and to help you get the right treatment.

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