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How long do hearing aid batteries last?

How long do hearing aid batteries last?, Audiologist.co.uk

Modern technology has ensured that hearing aids function – and fit – better than ever before. There are even hearing aid accessories like Bluetooth streaming.

However, all hearing aids still rely on one essential component – batteries.

Hearing aid users need to check battery levels regularly, as your trusted little gadget will not be much use if its dies while you are out and about.

Frequency of changing hearing aid batteries

So how often will you need to change your hearing aid batteries? Well, a lot depends on the type of device you have, how much time you spend using it and how high you need the volume to compensate for your hearing deficit.

Modern hearing aids can be extremely discrete and small, which of course also means that the batteries are tiny. These smaller ones will drain quicker of course, so depending on various factors it could be anything between a few days and three weeks.

If you are new to wearing a hearing aid – or you are trying out a new device – you will eventually start to find a pattern emerges and you will be able to predict the time at which your spare batteries will be needed.

Hearing aid battery facts

Most hearing aids these days use zinc-air batteries. This means they are filled with zinc that only starts to work when its exposed to oxygen. To activate the battery, you will pull off a small tab or sticker.

One of the advantages of this is that you know an exact start time for your battery. This will help you estimate lifespan and map out the frequency that your hearing aid needs new ones.

Don’t worry about stocking up. This modern battery type stays stable for a long time, and will only start to “power down” when you activate and use it. Store spare batteries away from extreme heat or cold to ensure they function properly when you need them. And don’t keep them on metal surfaces.

How to tell a battery needs changing

You will know that the battery is dying when the sound quality in your hearing aid drops off. It might be distorted or quieter than normal.

Some devices give off a small sound to alert you to a failing battery.

When you notice the change in sound quality or that “beep” alert, you may not have long before the battery dies completely. Which is why is makes great sense to carry spare batteries at all times, and certainly if you have been using your hearing aid extensively.

To make batteries last longer

This may sound obvious but it’s surprising how many people forget this important tip. When you are not using your hearing aid, such as overnight, turn it off. Better still, if possible take the batteries out or leave the battery case open.

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