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Best Hearing Aids

Best Hearing Aids, Audiologist.co.uk

Booming advancements in technology mean that every year, we are able to benefit from an ever-increasing array of new devices and accessories. The same runs true for advancements in hearing aid technology, and choosing the right device for you is no longer a simple choice. With so much on the market, it’s important to get the perfect fitting device for your needs. Here are three of the best hearing aids currently available.

Oticon Opn

The Oticon Opn came out in June 2016 and has proved a massive hit ever since. It has one of, if not the highest specification around, and uses a 24-bit block-floating point representation for better signal resolution and frequency across 64 frequency channels. As such, it is fantastic at providing clear and natural sound and blocks out unnecessary background noise. The only qualms people have is that it is a relatively expensive hearing aid available on the market, and for the price it doesn’t have an in-ear model or a full sized behind-the-ear model.

Resound Linx2 9

Since 2014, this model of hearing aid has been incredibly popular and even ranked the best by many publications. Its perks include that it is compatible with smartphone technology, it is compatible with the needs of 90% of hearing aid users, it makes full use of Resounds impressive 2.4 GHz wireless technology and it uses a system to balance the sound received in each ear via effective communication. All of this means that you get ease of use as well as an incredibly natural hearing experience.

Starkey Soundlens Synergy

This range of IIC (Invisible In Canal) hearing aids has proved extremely popular for a number of reasons. First off, it opens up the ability to use IIC’s to more people, as the hearing aid is 20% smaller than others on the market. It is also the only IIC on the market that offers wireless technology. On top of this, the wireless technology allows you to stream music and TV shows right to your ear. Some do have an issue with the price, as it is commonly one of the most expensive on the market.

As you can see, among just these three devices, the range of perks is incredible and each model can differ in some very significant ways. Before purchasing your own device therefore, it would be best to speak to a professional and assess what your needs are and which model will suit you best. No doubt there will be something to offer you far more than you think you need.

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