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Invisible Hearing Aids – Pros & Cons


With so much variety nowadays when it comes to deciding which hearing aid to buy, it’s important you do your research and find the one that will suit you best. For many, invisible hearing aids …

How to clean a hearing aid?


Your trusty little gadget can open a whole new world of possibilities for you, especially as modern hearing aids offer greater reliability and added capabilities, including Bluetooth streaming of audio input. However, they will only …

How much hearing loss requires a hearing aid?


Any challenge to enjoying clear and defined sound (audio) input is a health and well being issue, and deserves to be addressed. Modern medicine and engineering have combined to produce technology that can be adapted …

How long do hearing aid batteries last?


Modern technology has ensured that hearing aids function – and fit – better than ever before. There are even hearing aid accessories like Bluetooth streaming. However, all hearing aids still rely on one essential component …

Is tinnitus hereditary?


A common question from patients suffering from tinnitus is whether their condition might be hereditary. Given that tinnitus is a neurological disorder, it makes sense to speculate that a predisposition to tinnitus could be genetic, …

Can stress cause tinnitus?


Tinnitus is the medical term used to describe the sensation of ringing in the ears. Sometimes this can be caused by medical conditions such as wax in the ear or infection. Tinnitus can also be …

How to get rid of tinnitus?


Tinnitus is not generally quickly fixable and often improves gradually over time. However, there are a number of different treatments that you could try to help you cope with the condition. Identifying the cause of …

How do hearing aids work?


For centuries, people have been trying to find ways to combat hearing loss, but the first electric hearing aid was created in 1898. Since then, hearing aid technology has advanced rapidly and these devices are …

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